As a global leading bio-company, HansBiomed Europe Ltd. specialised in biologics, medical devices, and professional cosmetically products. With a dedicated R&D team focused on innovation and quality, we provide a broad range of products to specifically meet our providers' needs such as aesthetic medical devices (MINT PDO, LION), bone graft material (SurFuse, ExFuse, D-Sure), acellular dermal matrix (BellaCell HD), and skin booster formulas (DiamondFeel Forte).

HansBiomed Europe Ltd is committed to working with physicians, healthcare providers, and patients to deliver safe, innovative, and meaningful treatments that help people around the world live longer, healthier lives.

In addition, as the winners for Aesthetic Everything 2019 Top Medical Device Company and Aesthetic Everything 2020 Top Aesthetic Company, Top Medical Thread Device, and Top Aesthetic Professional Team, HansBiomed Europe Ltd continually aims to create newness never found anywhere else in the world.

Mission: With the mind of loving others and research based on customer inspiration,
we are a bio-company that is focused on safety and quality.

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Vision 2025

Hans Group will provide top-class and innovative medical equipment and biomedical supplies until a patient is fully satisfied.
  • No.1 in the world
  • (artificial breast implants,
    lifting suture)
  • Exports to more than 100 countries
  • (R&D investment in the field of new medical treatments and technology)
  • Achieved the sales of 500 billion KRW
  • (growth rate gradually increasing)